little sun

on December 5th, 2012, my first child, my magnificient little sun, was born.  the next day, we lost him to meningitis.  he was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen, and without him the world feels dark and empty. this is my place to grieve, to share memories and to talk about life following the loss of the person i loved most in the world.

little sun

little sun

15 thoughts on “little sun

    1. le petit soleil Post author

      sometimes, i still feel his sweet little spirit, and at the same time, i miss him terribly. seeing him again….that’s what i dream of. i know i already replied to one of your comments a few minutes ago, but i just wanted to thank you again for leaving such encouraging and kind words. <3

      1. queenofhearts58

        I just had to share this with you! I am a Tarot Reader and I do a daily card reading on my blog site. Today’s card is for you! I just had to share it with you. I randomly pick cards. I do not go through the cards and pick something. Here is what came up today:

        APRIL 22, 2013
        Daily Card: Fertility Upright

        Fertility Upright-Description Of The Card: Making decisions and ruling over your own life. Expansive horizons. Experiences of fertility and abundance. A new marriage or special relationship which supports one’s growth. Practical action which manifests as a physical product-children, artistic endeavors, or wealth. Pregnancy.

        Fertility Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This card speaks of expansion and fertility in all areas of life. Great abundance in love and relationships, money, artistic endeavors and security. But most of all it speaks of great success in Pregnancy and having an abundance of children. This is an encouraging card to all of you who are wanting children. It says, yes to your dreams. Do not be discouraged or doubtful. Your hearts desires will be realized in more ways than one! What an awesome card!

    2. le petit soleil Post author

      WOW. i’m actually at a loss for words, but i am so incredibly touched that you to took the time to do this for me. i read it and felt my heart lift a bit. i have a strong connection with the tarot, so this means a lot. thank you thank you thank you for the encouragement. blessings to you, kind soul.

  1. lucadorosmom

    I’m sorry I missed his birthday friend. I came to look at his picture and be reminded of how beautiful this son of yours is. He is perfection. So much love to all three of you.


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