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there is a balm…

when i started writing this blog, it never entered my mind that i would end up writing about gay rights (or lack thereof.)  i am many things, and yes, lesbian is one of them, but it is certainly not my defining adjective.  i see myself as an artist, not a queer artist and i see myself as a babylost mama. i’m not a “lesbian mother”….i am just a mother.   and right now, i am a very sad and scared mother, and the fear part of it comes from the recent events that have taken place here in France during the gay marriage debates in the Sénat.  that fear comes from the actions of people who think that doing things like this and plastering anti-gay slogans all over gay associations (who cater to gay teens and families, among other groups) are effective ways of expressing their feelings about us. Continue reading


Froggy’s words (part 1)

as many of you have noticed, Froggy recently started her own blog, and despite the fact that it is beautifully written, funny and just generally wonderful (and, no, i’m not biased at all), she doesn’t have much of a readership.  Francophones seem to be rare among the babylost, or at least she has yet to find them, so her posts go largely unappreciated.  recently, she wrote about the struggle for gay rights here in France, and how it has affected her, and us, personally.  it’s such a great piece that i couldn’t stand to see it go unread, so i decided to try and translate it.  this is my first ever attempt at translating from French into English Continue reading

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

the Sénat is going to begin debating le Mariage Pour Tous (aka gay marriage).  the bill easily passed the National Assembly, and the debates were led majestically and oh so eloquently by Christiane Taubira, one of my new heroes.  if you speak French, check out some of her finer moments here.

there have been more horrible protests here (which, thankfully, Froggy and i missed by being in England), and the anti-marriage movement has really shown their ass in the last week.

after everything that’s happened with little sun, i find it hard to get my hopes up about anything anymore.  to summarize Lloyd Dobler, i’d rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed.  i am, however, finding myself ever-so-slightly hopeful about this law passing. Madame Taubira has promised that we will have gay marriage and adoption by summer.

could there be wedding bells in Froggy’s and my futures?

the photo at the top of this post was taken in Brighton, in the gay neighborhood known as Kemp Town.  i thought it did a pretty good job summing up my feelings…

Froggy’s sun (& le mariage pour tous)

tomorrow, 12 February 2013, is an important day here in France.  tomorrow, the National Assembly (l’Assemblee nationale) is making their final vote on a bill that would give Froggy (little sun’s other mother) and me the right to marry.  it may also give us the right to adopt.  both of these rights will change our lives significantly, and we are both hoping that it passes, but i can’t help but feel angry that it’s taken so long….. now it’s too late, much too late for little sun.

despite what people on the other side of the pond seem to think, France is not  Continue reading