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Froggy’s words (part 2)

this is the second part of a two part series of posts Froggy made on her blog.  the original can be found here.  my translation of the first part is here and the original (in French) is here

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Froggy’s words (part 1)

as many of you have noticed, Froggy recently started her own blog, and despite the fact that it is beautifully written, funny and just generally wonderful (and, no, i’m not biased at all), she doesn’t have much of a readership.  Francophones seem to be rare among the babylost, or at least she has yet to find them, so her posts go largely unappreciated.  recently, she wrote about the struggle for gay rights here in France, and how it has affected her, and us, personally.  it’s such a great piece that i couldn’t stand to see it go unread, so i decided to try and translate it.  this is my first ever attempt at translating from French into English Continue reading


i’ve been meaning to post about our magnificent little furbabies, but Froggy beat me to it (and in a much more eloquent way than i ever could have managed). this picture is of my sweet little mikmik and little sun (cleverly disguised as my six-months-pregnant belly). she spent much of my pregnancy on or wrapped around him.

look how he used to respond to her. love was already there.

i think she misses him, too.