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i haven’t felt much like communicating lately.  i stay in my head most of the time, because that’s where i feel safest…least likely to be intruded upon by more bad news, new disappointments or the epidemic of strollers filled with six-month-old babies that’s recently broken out.  my well-padded list of friends has gotten rather gaunt these last few months, and there aren’t too many people left with whom i have the energy to share even a few of my words.

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to the bright town…

in a few short hours, i am leaving for England.  it’s going to be a slightly convoluted, by very cheap journey, and i will be back in travelling mode for the first time in far too long.

i’ll be staying with two of the loveliest people i know (and believe me, i know some lovely people), and hopefully painting & drawing, playing some guitar, eating good food, wandering around town and spending time in magnificent, easy company.  again, it’s been far too long.

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