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elpenor and little spindle

i’ve been thinking a lot about friends lately, mostly because i’ve lost so many since little sun died.  i’ve experienced an immeasurable amount of disappointment and hurt because of people whom i once considered my chosen family, and maybe one day i’ll write about that.  today, though, i want to tell you about two people who have truly been there for me…two people who epitomize that beautiful word “friend”. Continue reading


bright and gray

i have to apologize.  i’ve been remiss in posting since i returned to Paris, but it’s be a particularly rough week for me, and i’m just now able to sort out the sticky jumble of thoughts and words that have been spinning through my brain.

England was wonderful.  it was refreshing and reinvigorating, and the time i spent there reminded me that i am still alive and, therefore, need to live.  it was a long, long journey that started in a train station in Paris.

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