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back to Belgium

and so we start over. again.

for the past five nights, i’ve gotten the tools out:  pen full of expensive hormones, check; bottle of alcohol, check; cotton pads, check; sharp little needle tip, check.  i assemble the parts, dial the pen to the correct dosage and stab myself in the belly.  i repeat this ritual nightly for seven nights, my motions mechanical and sure. Continue reading

a thing with wings

before you start thinking that i’ve turned this into one of those strange affirmation-laden (marketing?) blogs, i want to mention the photo above was taken at Amsterdam’s Schiphol a little over three and a half years ago during a layover.  i took that just before catching a plane for Charles de Gaulle where my dear sweet Froggy was waiting for her American girl.  that was the day i started my life with Froggy in France. Continue reading


two days after we got back from England, i had my second visit to my new gynecologist.  our previous gyneco (as they call them here) was neither kind nor caring, and though she did quite possibly save my life and/or fertility several years ago, Froggy and did not like having to deal with her on our route to ttc.  i think she wasn’t going out of her way to help us for fear of being found out.  since it’s illegal to help lesbians conceive, many gynecologists won’t even take us on as patients, so after months and months of looking for one, we took what we could get.  once we became patients at the clinic in Belgium, she prescribed us the drugs and ultrasounds we needed, but there was always and undertone of “you should just be happy i’m helping you at all” in our exchanges.  she even made Froggy cry once on the phone.  Continue reading

to the bright town…

in a few short hours, i am leaving for England.  it’s going to be a slightly convoluted, by very cheap journey, and i will be back in travelling mode for the first time in far too long.

i’ll be staying with two of the loveliest people i know (and believe me, i know some lovely people), and hopefully painting & drawing, playing some guitar, eating good food, wandering around town and spending time in magnificent, easy company.  again, it’s been far too long.

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