about you

this is a page for all the lovely people who visit my page and comment on my posts.  feel free to share your story and post a link to your blog here or to just say why you stopped by.


8 thoughts on “about you

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  2. Seraf

    Hello, I have been following your life for nearly 3 years. You are dear to me so I check in here to know that which is dear to you.

  3. Deborah

    Found you during ICLW. I was interested in following because we are both RPCV’s and because you speak French (I was in a French-speaking country, and my husband & I speak French to each other). I am really hoping for some good news for you soon.

  4. Isa

    i’ve been an internet friend for some time, and was so happy that you were expecting little sun and then heartbroken when he died. I feel very privileged to be able to continue following (and hopefully supporting) you on this blog.

  5. lucadorosmom

    I found you through glow in the woods.I feel this kinship with you, because we are also mamas that lost their first born son after just one day on this earth with us. I hope to one day meet each other, and have happy, or crying, or laughing children in tow. I don’t write as much nowadays, but when I do. it’s at http://lucadorogrossiniconcha.wordpress.com/

    trusting in the universe, and sending you loads of love and light.

  6. Haley

    I have adored you since I met you outside of class at La Sorbonne, and you invited me into your home. You, an experienced traveler, wanderer, and knowledgeable les, and me a young baby butch who was studying abroad for the first time ever. I was coming to terms with my own identity and dealing with all of the self-hatred instilled by a religious family. I returned to the U.S. a different person, and you and the lovely Froggy helped to make that happen. I love and respect you both so much. Chris and I send our love and hope to remain a part of your lives.


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