where donuts are made

one of the things that helps to illuminate those dark places in my head is travel. since little sun died, there hasn’t been enough of it in my life. i could (and should) write more about the eight different countries i’ve lived in or the many others i’ve had the immense fortune to  visit. but there is a plane to catch in about 12 hours and a 12 hour car ride ahead of us the day after tomorrow, so for now i will share some images of our very brief (but nevertheless uplifting) sojourn in the land of Helios and Athena.

this isn’t part of our vacation (which begins for real when we reach the little house we’ve rented in Spain this coming Sunday evening…hooray!), and it’s not a pleasure trip per se, but it *is*a pleasure to spend 36 hours in a country where nearly everyone seems friendly and willing to help. where scritch-happy kitties are everywhere, and where there is even more than a little sun.

we’ve been here twice before, and both times we stayed in a sweet (and affordable) flat rented through a well-known site. i’ve written a bit about the owner before (and her possibly still unnamed 8 month old baby). we tried to book her place again, but she didn’t respond to our request on the site. instead, she called me and said, “listen, i am out of town and you two feel like friends, so i want you to have my flat for your stay.” and that’s how we ended up with what is quite possibly the one of the best views in the city for a ridiculously reasonable price.

here it is, inside and out (but mostly out, because of the massive balcony and those aforementioned views:

1 thought on “where donuts are made

  1. Carrie Johnson

    I stopped by tonight randomly but wasn’t expecting to actually see an update. Its SO nice to hear your voice again. :-) Glad you’re here. You are often on my mind. Please greet Froggy for me. Email if you feel up to it. Sending peace and light your way for this holiday season.


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