helping Sadie and Girl Wonder (update 2)

i’m back with another quick update on the fundraiser for Sadie over at Invincible Spring.

you, dear, wonderful, generous readers… are renewing my shaky faith in the goodness of humans.  we’ve collected enough so far for a very nice stroller/pram and carrier as well as other baby-related bits and bobs.  i’m sure this will be immensely helpful to them.

i’ve asked Sadie to let me know when to send the money on to her, and until then, i’m going to leave the donation page open, so if you were planning to donate but haven’t yet, you still have time!

i’ve been trying to send personal emails to each donor, but i’m afraid that after having been out of town for two days, i’m a bit swamped.  i may ultimately resort to a form letter to let people know that their donations have been received, and i apologize in advance for that.

once again, thank you!

Donate Button with Credit Cards
click here to help Sadie and Girl Wonder!


4 thoughts on “helping Sadie and Girl Wonder (update 2)

  1. Carole

    I finally had a chance to do this. It is so amazing of you to organize this… I don’t think personal notes are needed at all. Much love to you as well, Mama. Carole from Glow

  2. conceptionallychallenged

    Finally I got around to this. Thank you! It is wonderful to hear that so much has been donated already.
    Unrelated – where is this lovely piece of art, and how come I have never seen it?

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