helping (update)

just a quick update on my post from yesterday:

first of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated so far.  i am just overwhelmed and touched by the generosity that people have been showing, and i know that Sadie is as well.

i just wanted to let everyone know that Sadie’s blog, Invincible Spring, is back up and does not require a password now, so if you don’t know her story or if you just want to check in on her, head over there.  i’m sure she’d appreciate your emotional support and comments.

second, it would seem that there have been some language issues with PayPal.  apparently, the donation page was showing up in French even in non-Francophone countries, and that was preventing some people from donating.  this seems to be a very old known-issue related to localization and language settings in different browsers (or at least that’s how i understand it). i think that i’ve remedied the problem, but if you are still encountering this particular problem, please let me know via email (, and i’ll see if i can get it sorted once and for all.   i’d really hate for people to be dissuaded from donating to such a worthy cause because of a language-based technical issue.

and finally…i’m going to be out of town from tomorrow morning until Saturday evening, and i’m not sure how much internet access i’ll have while i’m away.  i should be able to read and respond to emails, but if you write and don’t hear back from me right away, please don’t worry or think i’m ignoring you.  i’ll make sure to get in touch once i’m back home.

again, thank you all soooo sooo much!  (oh, and if you have donated and want me to include your name and/or a message for Sadie and her family with the gift card, please send me an email and let me know…i’m trying to contact people individually for this, but i don’t want to overlook anyone.)

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