more waiting

the spotting stopped a day after i started the extra estrogen, and the u/s today showed my lining hovering around 5mm with no fluid to be seen and no ovarian activity.  my doctor in BCN wants me to continue the estradiol pills and have yet another u/s on Thursday.  *if* it’s got a triple stripe and has thickened even a bit, i think they’ll want to go forward with the transfer.

as usual, i’m doing my own version of things instead of listening to the doctor.  they want me to take the pills orally, but i’m doing them vaginally instead, because i know that works better for me.  i’m just going to assume this cycle will be cancelled, because i can’t imagine that i’ll get that elusive triple stripe before my next encounter with the dildo cam.  at least we know now that patches aren’t the way to go…..

today we saw a rainbow from our balcony.

and speaking of rainbows, my dear friend Burning Eye finally has hers.  congratulations to both mamas and welcome to the world, little sister of Joseph <3


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