i added a new page to my blog today, about you.  i can’t claim the idea for my own.  i stumbled across another blog with a page that asked its visitors to leave a few (or even many) words about themselves and why they were there.  unfortunately, my already holey brain has become even more like swiss cheese since little sun died, so i can’t remember the name of the blog or the blogger to give her credit (but if you’re reading this, please email me so i can correct that!)  i hope that some of you (both friends and newcomers) will feel like posting a comment there.  even if i am not the best about responding, i do read all of your words, and they help me get through these terribly dark, gray days.  and who knows what connections there are to be found….


eta: the blog where i originally found this idea is called Bébé Suisse. (be warned, though, that the blog is now about a living baby.)


6 thoughts on “you

  1. Muriel

    Your little sun lives in all our memories of those who left much too early. My beloved nephew has been gone 20 yrs and we still honor his beautiful birthday as I know we all will remember little suns. Thinking of you and sending hugs through the ether.

  2. Pauline

    First comment here, i already commented on “froggy’s blog” i can’t remember How i ended up on your blog or on hers, but i remembered being really touched by your story… I was struggling with my new born son and i didn’t realise How lucky i was. Your little sun is so beautiful and i wish you a little brother or sister really soon. Plus i didn’t realise that our country was being so lame sometimes and that we re not still all equals. It’s so unfair. It seems we re still in the 50s. Anyway big hug to you and your little sun.


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