finding Saint-Merri

my calf has been bugging me since i took a very long, dehydrated walk about a week ago, so with plans for the Camino in mind, i kept my Monday walking to a minimum.  i needed to buy a few small gifts, so i took a mini tour of the Marais.  i stopped first at Mariage Frères, aka tea heaven, and bought 100g. of a very seductive smelling Earl Grey.  i then found myself  very close to what people here tend to call Beaubourg and what everyone else seems to know as the Pompidou Center.

two weeks ago, i went for a walk around the Pompidou.  the building is a jumble of tubes and color and glass, there is always something interesting to see in its vicinity.

while i was taking photos of the mural and Niki de Saint Phalle’s fountain, i was standing against the side of an old church

quiet church

quiet church

i was too focused on Beaubourg itself to really pay attention to the church, but i remember thinking that i’d come back and walk the little road between it and the mural.

today when i was leaving one of the small shops a few blocks from the museum, i noticed a large opening in a monster of metal scaffolding across from me.  i could tell from the doors that it was a church.  if you read this blog with any regularity, you know that i have a thing for lighting candles in cathedrals, basilicas…anywhere i can really.  as long as there’s some stained glass, a few statues and a pew or two, i’m there.  i had no idea of what was waiting for me inside.

while i was walking and i saw the top of the Centre Pompidou through some of the church’s windows, and i realized i was back where i’d been two weeks ago, only everything looked different from this side of things.  i thought it was strange that i’d never noticed the place before.  when i’d made my slow circuit and taken in everything i could, i headed back towards the door that’s mostly hidden from the outside.  at the exit i finally saw a sign that told me the name of the church, Saint-Merri.   indeed….


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