along a love-locked bridge

almost two weeks ago, i made another trip to Notre Dame, and i planned on posting about it right away, but then life and grief (mostly the latter) got in the way, and i just never got around to it.

then, earlier this week, something truly horrible happened at Notre Dame.  i’m not going to waste my blog space talking about it, but i will say that i feel quite lucky.  i happened to walk right along back of the cathedral that day, but for once, i didn’t feel like going in and lighting candles. what’s that quote about small favors?

i’m not much in the mood for words tonight, so i’ll leaving you with a little photo essay and the occasional comment. (click the pics to see the cool details more clearly)

Notre Dame

Notre Dame and friends

Notre Dame and friends

at Notre Dame



of course, i lit some candles:


a candle for Finley and his mom

for a gorgeous baby boy who left this world far too soon.

and a candle for sweet little Jack and his mama

and one for Gabriel and his mama.

i spent more time walking around and just looking on this visit.

stained glass and statues at Notre Dame

stained glass and statue at Notre Dame

vaulting and stained glass at Notre Dame

here’s what the area i light candles in looks like from the other side of the cathedral:

i burn candles under the statue of Mary in the lower left side of the picture.

candles for our babies under the statue of Mary in the lower left side of the picture.

after a short photo tour inside, i went back into the gray day and focused a bit on the fascinating details.

oh, my, that looks painful.

oh, my, are you okay?

at Notre Dame

at Notre Dame

at Notre Dame

give in already

so tempting

if you walk along the small road behind Notre Dame, you will come to a bridge that looks like this

locks of love

locks of love

people who love each other pay exorbitant amounts of money to buy locks from the tourist shops near Notre Dame, and then they write their names on those locks and hang them from both sides of the bridge.  that’s the way i went on Tuesday….along that love-locked bridge.  my feet made a good choice, i think.


5 thoughts on “along a love-locked bridge

  1. Kelly

    I am so glad that you weren’t there at that time. Awful.

    Your pictures are beautiful. I love seeing the babies names with the candles. Remembering with you.

  2. suzanne

    sweetness <3 I love that bridge.

    I thought of you, of course, when I heard the news about notre dame. shocking and terrible, in so many ways.

    little sun. little sun. little sun. little sun.

    your pics are always so stunning. Do you mind if I ask what kind of camera you have? Does your camera capture the light like that, or do you play with the pictures?

    I hope the grief is easy on you today. Sending love and healing your way <3


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