Ça c’est, pour moi, le plus beau et le plus triste paysage du monde. C’est le même paysage que celui de la page précédente, mais je l’ai dessiné une fois encore pour bien vous le montrer. C’est ici que le petit prince a apparu sur terre, puis disparu.

Regardez attentivement ce paysage afin d’être sûrs de le reconnaître, si vous voyagez un jour en Afrique, dans le désert. Et, s’il vous arrive de passer par là, je vous en supplie, ne vous pressez pas, attendez un peu juste sous l’étoile ! Si alors un enfant vient à vous, s’il rit, s’il a des cheveux d’or, s’il ne répond pas quand on l’interroge, vous devinerez bien qui il est. Alors soyez gentils ! Ne me laissez pas tellement triste: écrivez-moi vite qu’il est revenu…


For me, this is the loveliest and the saddest landscape in the world. It’s the same landscape as the one on the preceding page, but I’ve drawn it one more time to be sure you see it clearly. It’s here that the little prince appeared on Earth, then disappeared.

Look at this landscape carefully to be sure of recognizing it, if you should travel to Africa someday, in the desert. And if you happen to pass by here, I beg you not to hurry past. Wait a little while, just under the star! Then if a child comes to you, and if he laughs, if he has golden hair, if he doesn’t answer your questions, you’ll know who he is. If this should happen, be kind! Don’t let me go on being so sad: Send word immediately that he’s come back…

(from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

today is the fifth day of the fifth month
the day when he would have been five months old.

(i miss you, my little sunshine.)


7 thoughts on “cinq

  1. Kelly

    Those dates are so hard, aren’t they? I remembering feeling like it felt impossible that time could pass and the world could go on, when my world had stopped. Remembering your sweet little sun with you.

  2. marchisfordaffodils

    I took E to see Paddington this afternoon and there was a preview for a film about The Little Prince. Your Little Sun popped right into my head and heart and I couldn’t keep tears from falling. He is remembered with such love and I am sending his mamas a big hug from afar.


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