Froggy’s sun (& le mariage pour tous)

i posted this over two months ago as the French lawmakers began to debate a law on gay marriage and adoption. since then, the law has been passed by both the National Assembly and the Sentate. the final bits of it are being redebated and worked out in the National Assembly, and there will be a final vote on it next Tuesday, April 23rd. if it passes, it means that Froggy and i will be able to get married, that any more children we have will bear both our names and be legally considered hers as well as mine. it’s a huge huge deal for us. i decided to repost this, because the recent hate-filled rhetoric has made me realize that we need to be visible. that we need to keep showing them our human faces, tear-stained and grief-creased though they may be. and most of all, i am reposting this for Froggy, because she is little sun’s Maman and law or no law, that will never change.

following my sun

tomorrow, 12 February 2013, is an important day here in France.  tomorrow, the National Assembly (l’Assemblee nationale) is making their final vote on a bill that would give Froggy (little sun’s other mother) and me the right to marry.  it may also give us the right to adopt.  both of these rights will change our lives significantly, and we are both hoping that it passes, but i can’t help but feel angry that it’s taken so long….. now it’s too late, much too late for little sun.

despite what people on the other side of the pond seem to think, France is not 

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7 thoughts on “Froggy’s sun (& le mariage pour tous)

  1. Kelly

    That’s wonderful! Keep us posted – I don’t see much on the news in the US on laws in other countries. I tend to think that other places are ahead of us, but I guess not always!

    1. le petit soleil Post author

      sadly, i don’t think so, and i think we’d have to go through a lot of legal crap to even address the issue. neither of us is up for that. the people who matter know who his parents are, and i guess at this point that’s all that matters.

  2. Sadie

    I’ve been watching the news unfold with great interest, and knowing of you and Froggy and little sun has made the outcome all the more important for me. You’re brave and you’re strong. I’m hoping that love and human decency prevail, and that the laws can come to reflect what’s already in your hearts, in so many hearts.

    1. le petit soleil Post author

      thank you, Sadie…thank you for following along with what’s going on here and for caring on our behalf. i, too, hope that goodness and fairness prevail here. we’ll know more in four days.

  3. Liz

    Oh! I absolutely get this, and am sending all my biggest, most heartfelt hopes and wishes that it comes to pass. My wife and I have a domestic partnership, the most we can get here in Oregon (US). We watch the news and see the marriage laws pass in other states and wait for our turn. Until then, we work and educate and cheer and hope. I’m new to your blog (here from ICLW on Stirrup Queens) and want to give you a huge hug for the grief journey you and your wife are on. Love and light to you both.

    1. le petit soleil Post author

      thanks so much for stopping by, Liz. it is hard to watch it happening elsewhere (Uruguay and New Zealand, for example) and to feel that we aren’t protected the way we should be. all that could change for us this coming Tuesday (or the opponents could continue to delay things with protests and violence). i hope things happen there for you, too. thank you for your kind words.


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