Froggy’s words (part 1)

as many of you have noticed, Froggy recently started her own blog, and despite the fact that it is beautifully written, funny and just generally wonderful (and, no, i’m not biased at all), she doesn’t have much of a readership.  Francophones seem to be rare among the babylost, or at least she has yet to find them, so her posts go largely unappreciated.  recently, she wrote about the struggle for gay rights here in France, and how it has affected her, and us, personally.  it’s such a great piece that i couldn’t stand to see it go unread, so i decided to try and translate it.  this is my first ever attempt at translating from French into English , and has definitely been an indispensable ally in my struggles.  below is the result so far, part one of a two part post over on Froggy’s blog.  the much better original French version can be found here. The title of the post is “La douleur for tous” which means “Pain for everyone”, a play on words related to the French name for the gay marriage bill (le mariage pour tous or “marriage for everyone”) that is currently being voted on. I’ve added a few explanations for things that the non-French/Francophone might night understand in parentheses.

and now, i give you Froggy (<3), in her own words:

La douleur pour tous/Pain for all(part 1 of 2)

Everything happened in the middle of the debates and protests surrounding le mariage pour tous (gay marriage, or what translates as “marriage for everyone”), adoption and access to the PMA (reproductive assistance ).  All those hate-filled speeches made by the opponents, we heard them, read them.

My wife is American.  The only way for us to stay together (since we love each other( !)) was to get PACSed, (the PACS is a civil union) and unlike people who are married, she has to renew her residence card every single year, armed with a folder filled with several dozen documents justifying her presence and life here (and mine too at the same time)

My son has no nationality, his only recognized mother is my wife.  I don’t exist.  This isn’t something new for us, even if it’s something we never get used to.
I spent hours watching my son evolve little by little on each ultrasound, hours watching him be born, hours watching over him up until his last breath, and now I have an entire lifetime to cry over him. And I hear that I’m supposed to be evil, perverse, unsuitable for my child.  For my son.  So yes, usually I don’t let it get to me, but this, this hurts.

I was literally nauseated and terrified by the lack of intelligence, tolerance and reflection demonstrated by the members of the National Assembly who oppose gay marriage and adoption during the debates.  And I always asked myself why no one, neither politician nor member of the media, really asked them to really explain their arguments, to get to the core of their idiocy and ignorance.  Were we to have the right to get married and adopt, here are the evils we would be responsible for, yes, me and my wife….and my shooting star. (little sun)

The decay of society, the destruction of the family, the end of civilisation. (oh, is that all?):
Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Iceland, the United Kingdom and several states in the USA are on their way to extinction along with their populations and civilisations because they allow gay marriage.  In all those countries the family has completely disappeared much to the benefit of the constant scenes of orgies.

Meanwhile, France has certainly given them something to laugh about.

Why not go ahead and legalize polygamy, pedophilia and bestiality while you’re at it? (yes, yes, the whole package!!) Could someone explain to me how this is related to homosexuality let alone  le mariage pour tous. no, but seriously?

Without even talking about polygamy among Mormons and in certain foreign countries, in what way do homosexuals concern them?  Isn’t Polygamy something cultural or simply a personal desire like other personal desires that people have?  No, I don’t want there to be 14 of us in our relationship, I just want the right to get married to the one person whom I quite simply love, the mother of my child.  Pedophilia, that is really serious, because we are now talking about a reprehensible crime.  Once again, how does this relate to us?

All pedophiles are homosexual?? A gay person is inevitably a pedophile?  Sorry, but I have never felt attracted to children.  I have racked my brain trying to find some logic in this reasoning, but I don’t see it.  I recently cremated my little boy and this association and confusion on the part of people who have no idea what they are talking about made me vomit.  Literally.

And then comes bestiality. Aaaaah, I’ve waited ages for the blessed day when I could marry my cats.  Hallelujah! And even better, I have a male and a female, so two birds, one stone.  I could get married with both of them since polygamy is included in the package.  The wedding night promises to be long and feline. 

Froggy’s words (part 2)


8 thoughts on “Froggy’s words (part 1)

  1. Jojo

    Amazing – I clicked through to Froggy’s blog the other day – I was willing my limited French to get me through but alas I just couldn’t decipher it. Looking forward to part 2 (and keep up the translation please!) I say it again – I think you two are incredible x

  2. Sadie

    A talented, fierce and witty writer! Nice to make your acquaintance, Froggy :) As to the topic of the post…There are really just no words, are there? Although we mustn’t be silent about these kinds of angry, destructive hatred, so bravo to you both. I hope Froggy’s blog eventually gets the readership it deserves.

    This is beautiful: ‘I spent hours watching my son evolve little by little on each ultrasound, hours watching him be born, hours watching over him up until his last breath, and now I have an entire lifetime to cry over him. And I hear that I’m supposed to be evil, perverse, unsuitable for my child. For my son.’ I’m sorry you’re hurting. On so many levels, it’s not fair (and then to be told by an ignorant society that these bonds are not recognized). Sending many warm thoughts to you both.

    1. le petit soleil Post author

      i’m so happy you read and appreciated Froggy’s words. she smiled (and blushed) when i read her your comment, asked me to thank you for reading and for also fighting for us in your own way. love from us both.

  3. CarrieJ

    As you know, I relate so much to Froggy and her relationship with little sun. That’s me and my Alice. The law does not recognize me as Alice’s mother. I am not on her certificate; but I AM her mother just as Froggy is Sun’s. What lovely writing Froggy has. I too tried to read her blog in French and then gave over to Google translator, which was very incomplete but allowed me a light into her humor and wisdom. I’m glad to “know” you two. I have my fingers crossed for France and for my home state here in the US (not much hope for the US Supremes to cover the whole country but my state is trying this year). Someday, we will be equal (or at least treated equally by our governments, if not the people). I can feel it.

    1. le petit soleil Post author

      Froggy says that she really hopes that it will pass there for you in your state, and that, in any case, she’s sure we will win, because ignorance cannot win out over intelligence.

      hugs to you two from both of us. thanks for reading <3

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  5. Gia

    I read “reproducinggenius” and clicked through your comment. I am an American who lived (now I only live there part-time) in Aix-en-Provance MANY, MANY YEARS… i will definetly click through and read Froggy’s blog

    1. le petit soleil Post author

      merci bien for stopping by and commenting, Gia! i am so pleased that another American expat who really understand the French language and culture will be reading Froggy’s blog.


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