tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

the Sénat is going to begin debating le Mariage Pour Tous (aka gay marriage).  the bill easily passed the National Assembly, and the debates were led majestically and oh so eloquently by Christiane Taubira, one of my new heroes.  if you speak French, check out some of her finer moments here.

there have been more horrible protests here (which, thankfully, Froggy and i missed by being in England), and the anti-marriage movement has really shown their ass in the last week.

after everything that’s happened with little sun, i find it hard to get my hopes up about anything anymore.  to summarize Lloyd Dobler, i’d rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed.  i am, however, finding myself ever-so-slightly hopeful about this law passing. Madame Taubira has promised that we will have gay marriage and adoption by summer.

could there be wedding bells in Froggy’s and my futures?

the photo at the top of this post was taken in Brighton, in the gay neighborhood known as Kemp Town.  i thought it did a pretty good job summing up my feelings…


4 thoughts on “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

  1. Sadie

    I was thinking about you this past weekend when reading in the British press about the gay marriage debate, and the protests in France…I’m so horrified that the French, who I always (naively?) assumed were more forward thinking on this, would be so vocal in their hatred. Anyway, even if you can’t find the energy to hope right now (and I fully understand that feeling), I have so much hope for you and Froggy and the outcome of this vote. Thinking of you both and little sun.

  2. le petit soleil Post author

    thanks for the good thoughts. i definitely need them right now. i encounter so many people who are surprised by the fact that gay marriage and adoption aren’t legal here. even many of our friends (who themselves are French) didn’t realize that we can’t get any reproductive help in France until they watched us go through the hell of trying to *be able to* ttc. i avoided watching recaps of the recent protests on les Champs-Élysées, because i knew it would just upset me to see all those people who hate us. sadly, this country seems to have as many bigots as everywhere else. so far,though, we’ve mostly encountered allies….people who see us as humans and treat us as such.

    merci beaucoup for continuing to read and comment. <3

  3. Suzanne Bates Gould

    I saw a little coverage of the anti gay protesters and I was just baffled and surprised. I mean, here in the states we have so many extremists and nut jobs – it doesn’t make sense to me that the French would oppose something that common sense would say is a basic human right. Are you and Froggy talking about getting married?!

    1. le petit soleil Post author

      sadly, there are extremists and nutjobs everywhere. no group has a monopoly on crazy or mean (or lovely and kind, for that matter). the French legal system is really behind the times compared to most of their neighbor countries. i just hope that changes soon. unfortunately, i don’t think we’ll get reproductive rights, though. people here are so scared it will lead to legal surrogacy, and it seems that the majority of the French are against that. we’re already PACS’ed (in a civil partnership), because that was our only option. if the law passes, i’m sure we’ll get married (we already feel like we are.)


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