bright and gray

i have to apologize.  i’ve been remiss in posting since i returned to Paris, but it’s be a particularly rough week for me, and i’m just now able to sort out the sticky jumble of thoughts and words that have been spinning through my brain.

England was wonderful.  it was refreshing and reinvigorating, and the time i spent there reminded me that i am still alive and, therefore, need to live.  it was a long, long journey that started in a train station in Paris.

the next stop was Dieppe:




on the way to the port in Dieppe

from there i walked to the port and caught a four hour ferry to Newhaven, and from Newhaven, i caught a quick train into Brighton, the Bright Town…one of my favorite places in the world.

let me tell you a little bit about this little bit of heaven on earth.  Brighton lazes at the edges of the South Downs, stretching toward the English Channel into which the town dangles its pebbly feet.  it is a world filled with queers and hippies, students and families, artists and workers, and they all swirl together to create a magic atmosphere where you feel completely at ease in your own skin and happy to be alive.  it is utter eye candy

from the long strings of rainbow colored houses

Brighton neighborhood at dusk

Brighton neighborhood at dusk

and striking graffiti

SAM_0433 SAM_0439

Brighton graffiti

Brighton graffiti

to the storefronts


to the sometimes gay, sometimes gray seafront


Brighton Pier

the old pier and my toesies

there is something suprising and inspiring around every corner




i spent the first four days with friends (and will post more about that in the near future), and then Froggy caught the same ferry over and we stayed in a sweet little motel together for four more days.

Motel Schmotel

Motel Schmotel

when we opened the curtains in our motel room we saw this:


and of course that made us feel as if little sun were there with us.

i introduced Froggy to my English friends family and showed her a little bit of my beloved Bright Town.  unfortunately, the Paris weather followed Froggy across the Channel, and we spent our days braving the rain and the frigid, bone-grating wind as we walked through the streets.  despite the weather, we were charmed.

it was a good trip for both of us, and we plan to go back again soon when the weather is more welcoming.  i miss it already….

me with a pint of lime soda

me with a pint of lime soda

(btw, i didn’t take nearly as many photos as i normally do, so i’ve included some of Froggy’s.)


6 thoughts on “bright and gray

  1. HunterJohn

    I can’t believe that picture was outside your window! That was definitely a sign from your little sun. He follows you wherever you go. I am glad you were able to get away and enjoy living for a few days. I booked a weekend away in May, because your right I need to keep living.

    1. le petit soleil Post author

      i know! Froggy and i were so touched and warmed by it. and good for you for booking that weekend away. i know it will be good for, and i’m sure you’ll feel Hunter’s presence the whole time. *hugs* to you, mama.

  2. Suzanne Bates Gould

    Beautiful photos! I’m glad you had some time away with family and Froggy, and that you were reminded of the things in life that make it worth living. Brighton looks amazing – it’s now on my list!

    Keep taking good care of yourself <3

    1. le petit soleil Post author

      thanks, Susan! Brighton is amazing, and i’m glad to hear that you’re thinking about visiting. please feel free to ask for advice if you do end up going there. i can tell you some of the secret gems and get info from my friends there. thanks again for reading! <3

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