my little sunshine

newly born little sun

little sun

this is you, only a few minutes old, so pink and alive. this is you just minutes before your Maman put you in my arms for the first time.  minutes before i marveled at your tiny nose, a perfect miniature of my own, and sang “You Are My Sunshine” to you the way i did when you were still safe in my belly.  your sweet cheeks and hands were just like mine too, and your beauty and absolute perfection stole my breath and heart.  for a day you were mine. for a day you were ours.  the best day of my life can be summed up in one word: you.  my little sun, my little son.  you are gone now and yet somehow still here…always here.  no longer in my arms, but a permanent tattoo on my heart.  i miss you, my little sun…. oh how i miss you.


9 thoughts on “my little sunshine

  1. Lisa

    I am so very sorry. The feeling of unfairness hasn’t left me yet and it’s almost been a year. Thinking of you. Your little sun is beautiful xo

    1. le petit soleil Post author

      Lisa, i’ve been reading your blog since i discovered the babyloss community. like you, i lost my little boy in a foreign country, something that has made the whole experience infinitely harder. your little Finley is also beautiful, and i’m so sorry he isn’t in your arms right now. thank you for reading, and many hugs to you.

  2. Suzanne

    your sun is breathtakingly beautiful. I am so sorry that he’s gone. I wish that there were more to say than that. I sometimes rant about the injustice of infant death – sun should be here with you! But right now, my heart just aches that he’s gone. He is breathtaking. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I am so sorry.

  3. Kelly

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your son. I lost my little girl just over a year ago. It’s amazing how broken a heart can be. I’m thinking of him and you tonight.

  4. Ruby

    Little sun is exquisite. Thank you for sharing about him here. With such creative and thinking parents, I just know he would have been an amazing gift to the world. My own baby boy died a few weeks after little sun did, on the 21st.


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